Commit 03801fca authored by Jeong Arm's avatar Jeong Arm Committed by Eugen Rochko

Remove custom emojis on "tootctl domains purge" (#10721)

* Remove custom emojis on domains purge

* Change message "Removing" to "Removed"
parent ce863560
......@@ -28,10 +28,15 @@ module Mastodon
say('.', :green, false)
DomainBlock.where(domain: domain).destroy_all
DomainBlock.where(domain: domain).destroy_all unless options[:dry_run]
say("Removed #{removed} accounts#{dry_run}", :green)
custom_emojis = CustomEmoji.where(domain: domain)
custom_emojis_count = custom_emojis.count
custom_emojis.destroy_all unless options[:dry_run]
say("Removed #{custom_emojis_count} custom emojis", :green)
option :concurrency, type: :numeric, default: 50, aliases: [:c]
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