Commit e742bff1 authored by jeroenpraat's avatar jeroenpraat Committed by Yamagishi Kazutoshi

1 NL string update (#10709)

* 1 NL string update

No that weblate isn't used anymore, it would be fine if, or the english strings are update, or there is somewhere an explanation how to generate new strings for a language

* Update nl.json
parent 2508370f
......@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@
"compose_form.poll.remove_option": "Deze keuze verwijderen",
"compose_form.publish": "Toot",
"compose_form.publish_loud": "{publish}!",
"compose_form.sensitive.hide": "Media als gevoelig markeren",
"compose_form.sensitive.marked": "Media is als gevoelig gemarkeerd",
"compose_form.sensitive.unmarked": "Media is niet als gevoelig gemarkeerd",
"compose_form.spoiler.marked": "Tekst is achter een waarschuwing verborgen",
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