Commit 15f6f57c authored by Blake Erickson's avatar Blake Erickson

DEV: Add update message for an outdated mail-receiver

Previous versions of the mail-receiver used query based api credentials,
if we detect this we will show a message in the admin panel to update
the mail receiver.
parent 63bd0749
......@@ -85,7 +85,8 @@ class AdminDashboardData
add_problem_check :rails_env_check, :host_names_check, :force_https_check,
......@@ -1339,6 +1339,7 @@ en:
missing_mailgun_api_key: "The server is configured to send emails via Mailgun but you haven't provided an API key used to verify the webhook messages."
bad_favicon_url: "The favicon is failing to load. Check your favicon setting in <a href='%{base_path}/admin/site_settings'>Site Settings</a>."
deprecated_api_usage: "We detected an API request using a deprecated authentication method. Please update it to use <a href=''>header based auth</a>."
update_mail_receiver: "We detected an outdated version of mail-receiver. Please ssh into this server and run `/var/discourse/launcher rebuild mail-receiver`."
poll_pop3_timeout: "Connection to the POP3 server is timing out. Incoming email could not be retrieved. Please check your <a href='%{base_path}/admin/site_settings/category/email'>POP3 settings</a> and service provider."
poll_pop3_auth_error: "Connection to the POP3 server is failing with an authentication error. Please check your <a href='%{base_path}/admin/site_settings/category/email'>POP3 settings</a>."
force_https_warning: "Your website is using SSL. But `<a href='%{base_path}/admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=force_https'>force_https</a>` is not yet enabled in your site settings."
......@@ -283,9 +283,16 @@ class Auth::DefaultCurrentUserProvider
def lookup_api_user(api_key_value, request)
if api_key = api_key_value).includes(:user).first
api_username = header_api_key? ? @env[HEADER_API_USERNAME] : request[API_USERNAME]
# Check for deprecated api auth
if !header_api_key?
# Notify admins of deprecated auth method
if request.path == "/admin/email/handle_mail"
# Notify admins that the mail receiver is still using query auth and to update
# Notify admins of deprecated auth method
if api_key.allowed_ips.present? && !api_key.allowed_ips.any? { |ip| ip.include?(request.ip) }
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