Commit f0bbc05b authored by Paweł Chmielowski's avatar Paweł Chmielowski

Make sure that configure is run before pc:compile on rebar3

parent 948578b5
......@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ fun(Hooks) ->
lists:map(fun({Pkg, Flags}) ->
DepPath = ResolveDepPath("deps/" ++ Pkg ++ "/"),
Line = lists:flatten(GenDepConfigureLine(DepPath, Flags)),
{add, list_to_atom(Pkg), [{pre_hooks, [{'compile', Line}, {'configure-deps', Line}]}]}
{add, list_to_atom(Pkg), [{pre_hooks, [{{pc, compile}, Line}, {'compile', Line}, {'configure-deps', Line}]}]}
end, Hooks)
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