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      ejabberd_logger: Avoid excessive stat calls · ec5f369d
      Holger Weiss authored
      By default, the logger_std_h module shipped with OTP 21.0 and newer
      reads the log file information prior to each and every write operation.
      This is done to play well with external log rotation tools.
      In order to minimize the performance penalty in situations where the log
      file is flooded, configure logger_std_h to skip reading the file
      information as long as no more than one second has passed since it was
      last read.
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      mod_stream_mgmt: Don't kill new PID on resumption · cd336369
      Holger Weiss authored
      During XEP-0198 resumption, the ejabberd_c2s process that handles the
      new connection reopens the ejabberd_sm session of the old one.  Since
      commit b4770815, the new process adds
      the new session table entry before the old process removes the old one.
      While adding the new one, ejabberd_sm checks for old sessions to
      replace.  This check assumes old SIDs compare lower than new ones.  This
      assumption didn't necessarily hold for the session resumption case,
      where the old SID's timestamp was copied over to the new SID and only
      the PID was updated.  Therefore, the new process was killed if the new
      PID happened to be smaller than the old one.
      Fix this by having mod_stream_mgmt use its own SM-ID rather than copying
      over the old SID's timestamp to the new SID.
      Thanks to Thilo Molitor and Friedrich Altheide for reporting the issue,
      and to Thomas Leister for his help with debugging it.
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      Test 23.0 version · c62956ab
      Badlop authored
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      Dirty workarounds to compile jiffy with Erlang/OTP 23 (#3282) · 2ca57125
      Badlop authored
      Works for me with:
      ./configure --disable-pam
      ./rebar get-deps
      ./rebar configure-deps
      ./rebar compile
      make install
      changes in erlang-native-compiler used by jiffy:
      -     {"ERL_LDFLAGS"  , " -L$ERL_EI_LIBDIR -lerl_interface -lei"},
      +     {"ERL_LDFLAGS"  , " -L$ERL_EI_LIBDIR -lei"},
      --dialyzer({no_missing_calls, escript_foldl/3}).
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      ejabberd_stun: Add 'turn_blacklist' option · 56d00e42
      Holger Weiss authored
      The new 'turn_blacklist' listener option allows for specifying one or
      more IP addresses and/or subnet addresses/masks.  The TURN server will
      refuse to relay traffic from/to blacklisted IP addresses.  By default,
      Teredo and 6to4 addresses are blacklisted, as mandated by RFC 6156
      (section 9.1).
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