Unverified Commit 7eac2226 authored by Geitenijs's avatar Geitenijs Committed by GitHub

Update lang.nl.php

parent b3c7b688
......@@ -282,8 +282,8 @@ $lang['mailbox']['booking_0'] = 'Toon altijd als vrij';
$lang['mailbox']['booking_lt0'] = 'Onbeperkt, maar toon als bezet wanneer geboekt';
$lang['mailbox']['booking_custom'] = 'Zet vast op een specifiek aantal boekingen';
$lang['mailbox']['booking_0_short'] = 'Altijd vrij';
$lang['mailbox']['booking_lt0_short'] = 'Softlimiet';
$lang['mailbox']['booking_custom_short'] = 'Hardlimiet';
$lang['mailbox']['booking_lt0_short'] = 'Soft limit';
$lang['mailbox']['booking_custom_short'] = 'Hard limit';
$lang['mailbox']['domain'] = 'Domein';
$lang['mailbox']['spam_aliases'] = 'Tijdelijk alias';
$lang['mailbox']['multiple_bookings'] = 'Meerdere boekingen';
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