Commit 5333c9ec authored by RiotRobot's avatar RiotRobot

Prepare changelog for v1.6.0-rc.1

parent 09b171c1
Changes in [1.6.0-rc.1]( (2020-04-15)
[Full Changelog](
* Enable cross-signing / E2EE by default for DM on release
* Upgrade to React SDK 2.5.0-rc.1 and JS SDK 5.3.1-rc.1
* Add instruction to resolve the inotify watch limit issue
* docs: labs: add a pointer to
* Fix Electron SSO handling to support multiple profiles
* Add riot-desktop shortcuts for forward/back matching browsers&slack
* Allow rageshake to fail in init
* Fix broken yarn install link in
* fix build:jitsi scripts crash caused by a missing folder
* App load order changes to catch errors better
* Upgrade deps
Changes in [1.5.16-rc.1]( (2020-04-08)
[Full Changelog](
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