Commit a16faa26 authored by Jeff Huang's avatar Jeff Huang Committed by Weblate

Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Traditional))

Currently translated at 100.0% (24 of 24 strings)

Translation: Riot Web/riot-web
parent 3ffce87d
......@@ -21,5 +21,6 @@
"Your Riot is misconfigured": "您的 Riot 沒有設定好",
"Your Riot configuration contains invalid JSON. Please correct the problem and reload the page.": "您的 Riot 包含無效的 JSON。請修正問題並重新整理頁面。",
"The message from the parser is: %(message)s": "從解析器而來的訊息為:%(message)s",
"Invalid JSON": "無效的 JSON"
"Invalid JSON": "無效的 JSON",
"Go to your browser to complete Sign In": "到您的瀏覽器完成登入"
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