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Remove feature flag docs from docs on release
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......@@ -75,14 +75,6 @@ instead of verifying each of their devices.
This feature is still in development and will be landing in several chunks.
## Event indexing and E2EE search support using Seshat (`feature_event_indexing`)
Adds support for search in E2E encrypted rooms. This enables an event indexer
that downloads, stores, and indexes room messages for E2E encrypted rooms.
The existing search will transparently work for encrypted rooms just like it
does for non-encrypted.
## Bridge info tab (`feature_bridge_state`)
Adds a "Bridge Info" tab to the Room Settings dialog, if a compatible bridge is
......@@ -95,11 +87,6 @@ tab as the single source of truth just yet.
This adds a presence indicator in the room list next to DM rooms where the other
person is online.
## Show padlocks on invite only rooms (`feature_invite_only_padlocks`)
This adds padlocks to room list tiles and room header for invite only rooms.
This feature flag (unlike most) is enabled by default.
## Custom themes (`feature_custom_themes`)
Custom themes are possible through Riot's [theme support](./theming.md), though
......@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@
"feature_mjolnir": "labs",
"feature_dm_verification": "labs",
"feature_cross_signing": "enable",
"feature_invite_only_padlocks": "enable",
"feature_event_indexing": "disable",
"feature_bridge_state": "labs",
"feature_presence_in_room_list": "labs",
"feature_custom_themes": "labs"
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