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  • znc-1.8.1   ZNC 1.8.1 Fixed bug introduced in ZNC 1.8.0: Authenticated users can trigger an application crash (with a NULL pointer dereference) if echo-message is not enabled and there is no network. CVE-2020-13775
    0a3909be · 1.8.1 ·
  • znc-1.8.1-rc1
    c1e36077 · ZNC 1.8.1-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.8.0   ZNC 1.8.0 New * Output of various commands (e.g. `/znc help`) was switched from a table to a list * Support IP while verifying SSL certificates * Make it more visible that admins have lots of privileges Fixes * Fix parsing of channel modes when the last parameter starts with a colon, improving compatibility with InspIRCd v3 * Fix null dereference on startup when reading invalid config * Don't show server passwords on ZNC startup * Fix build with newer OpenSSL * Fix in-source CMake build * Fix echo-message for `status` Modules * controlpanel: Add already supported NoTrafficTimeout User variable to help output * modpython: * Use FindPython3 in addition to pkg-config in CMake to simplify builds on Gentoo when not using emerge * Support python 3.9 * modtcl: Added GetNetworkName * partyline: Module is removed * q: Module is removed * route_replies: Handle more numerics * sasl: Fix sending of long authentication information * shell: Unblock signals when spawning child processes * simple_away: Convert to UTC time * watch: Better support multiple clients * webadmin: Better wording for TrustPKI setting Internal * Refactor the way how SSL certificate is checked to simplify future socket-related refactors * Build integration test and ZNC itself with the same compiler (https://bugs.gentoo.org/699258) * Various improvements for translation CI * Normalize variable name sUserName/sUsername * Make de-escaping less lenient
  • znc-1.7.5   ZNC 1.7.5 * modpython: Add support for Python 3.8 * modtcl: install .tcl files when building with CMake * nickserv: report success of Clear commands * Update translations, add Italian, Bulgarian, fix name of Dutch * Update error messages to be clearer * Add a deprecation warning to ./configure to use CMake instead in addition to an already existing warning in README
    c7f72f8b · ZNC 1.7.5 ·
  • znc-1.7.5-rc1
    874ecf96 · ZNC 1.7.5-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.7.4   ZNC 1.7.4 == Fixes == * This is a security release to fix CVE-2019-12816 (remote code execution by existing non-admin users). Thanks to Jeriko One for the bugreport. * Send "Connected!" messages to client to the correct nick. == Internal == * Increase znc-buildmod timeout in the test.
    e661cdf9 · ZNC 1.7.4 ·
  • znc-1.7.4-rc1
    d1997d6a · ZNC 1.7.4-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.7.3   ZNC 1.7.3 == Fixes == This is a security release to fix CVE-2019-9917. Thanks to LunarBNC for the bugreport. == New == Docker only: the znc image now supports --user option of docker run.
  • znc-1.7.3-rc1
    6b03fac6 · ZNC 1.7.3-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.7.2   ZNC 1.7.2 New === * Add French translation * Update translations Fixes ===== * Fix compilation without deprecated APIs in OpenSSL * Distinguish Channel CTCP Requests and Replies * admindebug: Enforce need of TTY to turn on debug mode * controlpanel: Add missing return to ListNetMods * webadmin: Fix adding the last allowed network Internal ======== * Add more details to DNS error logs
  • znc-1.7.2-rc1
    2ed4d1b6 · ZNC 1.7.2-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.7.1   ZNC 1.7.1 Security critical fixes ======================= * CVE-2018-14055: non-admin user could gain admin privileges and shell access by injecting values into znc.conf. * CVE-2018-14056: path traversal in HTTP handler via ../ in a web skin name. Core ==== * Fix znc-buildmod to not hardcode the compiler used to build ZNC anymore in CMake build * Fix language selector. Russian and German were both not selectable. * Fix build without SSL support * Fix several broken strings * Stop spamming users about debug mode. This feature was added in 1.7.0, now reverted. New === * Add partial Spanish, Indonesian, and Dutch translations Modules ======= * adminlog: Log the error message again (regression of 1.7.0) * admindebug: New module, which allows admins to turn on/off --debug in runtime * flooddetach: Fix description of commands * modperl: Fix memory leak in NV handling * modperl: Fix functions which return VCString * modpython: Fix functions which return VCString * webadmin: Fix fancy CTCP replies editor for Firefox. It was showing the plain version even when JS is enabled Internal ======== * Deprecate one of the overloads of CMessage::GetParams(), rename it to CMessage::GetParamsColon() * Don't throw from destructor in the integration test * Fix a warning with integration test / gmake / znc-buildmod interaction.
  • znc-1.7.1-rc1
    9e4d89aa · ZNC 1.7.1-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.7.0   ZNC 1.7.0 Changes since ZNC 1.6.6 New === * Add CMake build. Minimum supported CMake version is 3.1. For now ZNC can be built with either CMake or autoconf. In future autoconf is going to be removed. * Currently `znc-buildmod` requires python if CMake was used; if that's a concern for you, please open a bug. * Increase minimum GCC version from 4.7 to 4.8. Minimum Clang version stays at 3.2. * Make ZNC UI translateable to different languages (only with CMake), add partial Russian and German translations. * If you want to translate ZNC to your language, please join https://crowdin.com/project/znc-bouncer * Configs written before ZNC 0.206 can't be read anymore * Implement IRCv3.2 capabilities `away-notify`, `account-notify`, `extended-join` * Implement IRCv3.2 capabilities `echo-message`, `cap-notify` on the "client side" * Update capability names as they are named in IRCv3.2: `znc.in/server-time-iso`→`server-time`, `znc.in/batch`→`batch`. Old names will continue working for a while, then will be removed in some future version. * Make ZNC request `server-time` from server when available * Increase accepted line length from 1024 to 2048 to give some space to message tags * Separate buffer size settings for channels and queries * Support separate `SSLKeyFile` and `SSLDHParamFile` configuration in addition to existing `SSLCertFile` * Add "AuthOnlyViaModule" global/user setting * Added pyeval module * Added stripcontrols module * Add new substitutions to ExpandString: `%empty%` and `%network%`. * Stop defaulting real name to "Got ZNC?" * Make the user aware that debug mode is enabled. * Added `ClearAllBuffers` command * Don't require CSRF token for POSTs if the request uses HTTP Basic auth. * Set `HttpOnly` and `SameSite=strict` for session cookies * Add SNI SSL client support * Add support for CIDR notation in allowed hosts list and in trusted proxy list * Add network-specific config for cert validation in addition to user-supplied fingerprints: `TrustAllCerts`, defaults to false, and `TrustPKI`, defaults to true. * Add `/attach` command for symmetry with `/detach`. Unlike `/join` it allows wildcards. * Timestamp format now supports sub-second precision with `%f`. Used in awaystore, listsockets, log modules and buffer playback when client doesn't support server-time * Build on macOS using ICU, Python, and OpenSSL from Homebrew, if available * Remove `--with-openssl=/path` option from ./configure. SSL is still supported and is still configurable Fixes ===== * Revert tables to how they were in ZNC 1.4 * Remove flawed Add/Del/ListBindHost(s). They didn't correctly do what they were intended for, but users often confused them with the SetBindHost option. SetBindHost still works. * Fix disconnection issues when being behind NAT by decreasing the interval how often PING is sent and making it configurable via a setting to change ping timeout time * Change default flood rates to match RFC1459, prevent excess flood problems * Match channel names and hostmasks case-insensitively in autoattach, autocycle, autoop, autovoice, log, watch modules * Fix crash in shell module which happens if client disconnects at a wrong time * Decrease CPU usage when joining channels during startup or reconnect, add config write delay setting * Always send the users name in NOTICE when logging in. * Don't try to quit multiple times * Don't send PART to client which sent QUIT * Send failed logins to NOTICE instead of PRIVMSG * Stop creating files with odd permissions on Solaris * Save channel key on JOIN even if user was not on the channel yet * Stop buffering and echoing CTCP requests and responses to other clients with self-message, except for /me * Support discovery of tcl 8.6 during `./configure` Modules ======= * adminlog: * Make path configurable * alias: * Add `Dump` command to copy your config between users * awaystore: * Add `-chans` option which records channel highlights * blockmotd: * Add `GetMotd` command * clearbufferonmsg: * Add options which events trigger clearation of buffers. * controlpanel: * Add the `DelServer` command. * Add `$user` and `$network` aliases for `$me` and `$net` respectively * Allow reseting channel-specific `AutoClearChanBuffer` and `BufferSize` settings by setting them to `-` * Change type of values from "double" to "number", which is more obvious for non-programmers * crypt: * Fix build with LibreSSL * Cover notices, actions and topics * Don't use the same or overlapping NickPrefix as StatusPrefix * Add DH1080 key exchange * Add Get/SetNickPrefix commands, hide the internal keyword from ListKeys * cyrusauth: * Improve UI * fail2ban: * Make timeout and attempts configurable, add BAN, UNBAN and LIST commands * flooddetach: * Detach on nick floods * keepnick: * Improve behaviour by listening to ircd-side numeric errors * log: * Add `-timestamp` option * Add options to hide joins, quits and nick changes. * Stop forcing username and network name to be lower case in filenames * Log user quit messages * missingmotd: * Include nick in IRC numeric 422 command, reduce client confusion * modperl: * Provide `operator ""` for `ZNC::String` * Honor `PERL5LIB` env var * Fix functions like `HasPerm()` which accept `char` * When a broken module couldn't be loaded, it couldn't be loaded anymore even if it was fixed later. * Force strings to UTF-8 in modperl to fix double encoding during concatenation/interpolation. * modpython: * Require ZNC to be built with encodings support * Disable legacy encoding mode when modpython is loaded. * Support `CQuery` and `CServer` * nickserv: * Use `/nickserv identify` by default instead of `/msg nickserv`. * Support messages from X3 services * notify_connect: * Show client identification * sasl: * Add web interface * Enable all known mechanisms by default * Make the first requirement for SET actually mandatory, return information about settings if no input for SET * schat: * Require explicit path to certificate. * simple_away: * Use ExpandString for away reason, rename old `%s` to `%awaytime%` * Add `MinClients` option * stickychan: * Save registry on every stick/unstick action, auto-save if channel key changes * Stop checking so often, increase delay to once every 3 minutes * webadmin: * Make server editor and CTCP replies editor more fancy, when JS is enabled * Make tables sortable. * Allow reseting chan buffer size by entering an empty value * Show per-network traffic info * Make the traffic info page visible for non-admins, non-admins can see only their traffic Internal ======== * Stop pretending that ZNC ABI is stable, when it's not. Make module version checks more strict and prevent crashes when loading a module which are built for the wrong ZNC version. * Add an integration test * Various HTML changes * Introduce a CMessage class and its subclasses * Add module callbacks which accept CMessage, deprecate old callbacks * Add `OnNumericMessage` module callback, which previously was possible only with `OnRaw`, which could give unexpected results if the message has IRCv3.2 tags. * Modernize code to use more C++11 features * Various code cleanups * Fix CSS of `_default_` skin for Fingerprints section * Add `OnUserQuitMessage()` module hook. * Add `OnPrivBufferStarting()` and `OnPrivBufferEnding()` hooks * `CString::WildCmp()`: add an optional case-sensitivity argument * Do not call `OnAddUser()` hook during ZNC startup * Allow modules to override CSRF protection. * Rehash now reloads only global settings * Remove `CAP CLEAR` * Add `CChan::GetNetwork()` * `CUser`: add API for removing and clearing allowed hosts * `CZNC`: add missing SSL-related getters and setters * Add a possibility (not an "option") to disable launch after --makeconf * Move Unix signal processing to a dedicated thread. * Add clang-format configuration, switch tabs to spaces. * `CString::StripControls()`: Strip background colors when we reset foreground * Make chan modes and permissions to be char instead of unsigned char. Cosmetic ======== * Alphabetically sort the modules we compile using autoconf/Makefile * Alphabetically sort output of `znc --help` * Change output during startup to be more compact * Show new server name when reconnecting to a different server with `/znc jump` * Hide passwords in listservers output * Filter out ZNC passwords in output of `znc -D` * Switch znc.in URLs to https
  • znc-1.6.6   ZNC 1.6.6 * Fix use-after-free in `znc --makepem`. It was broken for a long time, but started segfaulting only now. This is a useability fix, not a security fix, because self-signed (or signed by a CA) certificates can be created without using `--makepem`, and then combined into znc.pem. * Fix build on Cygwin.
  • znc-1.6.6-rc1
    ab8a7590 · ZNC 1.6.6-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.6.5   ZNC 1.6.5 Fixes ===== * Fixed a regression of 1.6.4 which caused a crash in modperl/modpython. * Fixed the behavior of `verbose` command in the sasl module.
    0267082e · 1.6.5 ·
  • znc-1.6.5-rc1
    c40d4a4e · ZNC 1.6.5-rc1 ·
  • znc-1.6.4   ZNC 1.6.4 Changes since ZNC 1.6.3 Fixes ===== * Fixed build with OpenSSL 1.1. * Fixed build on Cygwin. * Fixed a segfault after cloning a user. The bug was introduced in ZNC 1.6.0. * Fixed a segfault when deleting a user or network which is waiting for DNS during connection. The bug was introduced in ZNC 1.0. * Fixed a segfault which could be triggered using alias module. * Fixed an error in controlpanel module when setting the bindhost of another user. * Fixed route_replies to not cause client to disconnect by timeout. * Fixed compatibility with the Gitter IRC bridge. Internal ======== * Fixed `OnInvite` for modpython and modperl. * Fixed external location of GoogleTest for `make test`.
  • znc-1.6.4-rc3
    3bd46744 · 1.6.4-rc3 ·